Meet Our Ponies

Hello my name is "Bingo" and I am the smallest of the ponies here at Friendly Pony Parties even though I am ten years old. I am half Shetland pony and half minature horse but I really think I'm a little black stallion. My black coat shines, and decorated in red, I am every little cowboy's favorite pony. There is nothing cuter than a pony photo of your child wearing a cowboy hat and sitting on my back in my fancy black saddle, with red roses, a red blanket, and silver studs.

Hello my name is "Princess" and I am a Palomino known as the "Fairy Princess Pony" because of my long, silky white mane and tail. My beauty shines when I am decorated in pink and pale yellow roses and my gentle nature shows in the affection I give back to children. I help make every little kid's birthday dream come true!

Hey there my name is "Beautiful Boy," I am a Shetland pony too and am 8 years old. I am a handsome palomino and white paint pony. I have been giving pony rides at birthday parties and festivals since the beginning of our company. Every year I ride in parades, or smile for lots of pony photos. I am everyones favorite for pony photos for schools and would love to take you and your friends on a pony ride at your birthday party or celebration.

Hey y'all my name is "Daisy," I am a golden Shetland pony who loves pulling our pony cart. I have raised 4 little girls and two babies. Make your celebration unforgettable with me!

Hello my name is "Baby Blue," you may see me dressed as a magical white unicorn or decorated with purple flowers, either way I am a beautiful addition to any party. I have been doing pony parties for a long time even though I am eleven years old. I am a Shetland pony with a quiet calm personality, and I love to work with children.

Photo not available for Honey

Hello, my name is "Honey" and I truly am as sweet as I sound. I am a dark brown shetland pony with a jet-black mane and although I am a little bit larger than my fellow pony friends, I can still make any special event unforgettable. I provide pony rides for children in a confident manner and am perfect for any celebration.

Please note: Weight limit for children riding our ponies is 65 lbs.