Seasonal Events

We are featured regularly at some of the Bay Areas most prominent seasonal and special events. Our presence adds an undeniable live vibrancy to any event.

Some of those events include:

Live Nativity Scene

Harvest Festivals and Halloween parties 


Harvest Festivals and Halloween parties: Look for our fully decorated ponies in costumes to fit the season. They are a big hit at any Halloween party or Harvest Festival function.


Live Nativity Scenes: With the arrival of the Holidays our focus shifts to providing our animals to local churches for their "Living Nativity" scenes.


Easter Celebrations: For our Easter celebrations we provide the cutest, cuddliest babies we have in our Easter Petting Zoo. Some of these may include baby ducks, baby chicks, baby lambs, baby goats, and of course, baby bunnies. People have the opportunity to go in and pet our animals after being educated about our "kindness guidelines". We are booked with many of the largest country clubs and yacht clubs in the Bay Area for this Easter time petting zoo presentation. We also offer pony rides and decorate our ponies' manes and tails with brightly colored flowers. All our animals are clean, well cared for and enjoy relating with people. They are happy animals and have a lovely life out on a large ranch in Half Moon Bay. By choosing us you will come to know why many of the most prestigious country and yacht clubs of our region are pleased with our services for the past 27 years.

Please note: Weight limit for children riding our ponies is 65 lbs.